Licensed & Insured

Helping to protect your online media

SpinVision® is a Licensed & Insured media provider

Did we mention privacy & security? When it comes to sensitive and proprietary client needs, SpinVision® can help protect your online media with email and password protection - giving you control on who views your material.

SpinVision® never risks our client’s safety by hiring freelance photographers and videographers online from sites like Craigslist and Facebook. More and more people are trying to supplement their income with freelance and referral photography services. We know from over five years of experience, it is extremely difficult for individuals to effectively manage an entire business independently. It takes years to grow and train a quality of specialists to produce consistent, high-quality results within the timeframe required.

A common practice is for independents to seek third-party associates online to help them grow their business faster. Buyer Beware. Unless you are dealing with dedicated full-time professionals, client’s are vulnerable and run the risk of having unknown service-providers with access to delicate information and personal property.

For real estate clients especially, it is a major red-flag if you do not have dedicated photographers and marketing specialists representing you. To often, these start-ups often lack the back-end support and training necessary for client’s ongoing success. Without a semi-technical background, one should understand how they will continue to support their investment after the sale has been made.

With SpinVision®, all of our clients have access to on-demand training videos and a robust FAQ platform that provides interactive support 24/7. There’s not a single photographer or service-provider that can provide the consistent level of technology education and support clients require for success, requiring those companies to hire multiple services providers to accomplish similar goals.

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